Wedding Pictures

Four weeks ago I married my best friend and the most amazing woman I know.  Since then we have had four busy fun filled weeks setting up our home, and learning to really make our lives one.  They have been four wonderful weeks, and I look forward to wonderful decades to come.  I want to take a moment to thank the many people who made our wedding possible, and everyone who came and celebrated with us.  We chose to focus on how God’s sacrificial love should be reflected in marriage as well as how our union in marriage is a beautiful reflection of the union we have as believers with Christ.  I am thankful that many who came said they could very much sense God’s presence at the ceremony, and I pray He will always be present in our lives and marriage.
But what you really want to see.  Pictures!

The first is a picture my Best Man, Stephen Williams, took as we are leaving the reception for our honeymoon.

The rest of the pictures are a few taken by our amazing photographer Laura Shanae Crenshaw.  She was fun and easy to work with. Someone who has great ideas and an understanding and eye for light. If you can book her, she is very much worth it.  You can also view our wedding album as she keeps adding to it as well.  For more photos you can also go to our wedding website.

My Beautiful Bride

Two Happy Newlyweds

Stunningly Beautiful Bridesmaids

My Amazing and Crazy Groomsmen

My Best Man and Myself

Family Picture

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